Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Civility and common courtesy are sorely in need of health care! The venom displayed over the health care bill tells us many of our "representatives" in Washington need a swift ride to the ER with nearly fatal cases of the uglies. The poison has spread to the masses as seen in the direspect and contempt shown an Ohio man with Parkinson's disease who was mocked and ridiculed for simply declaring his needs for medical coverage via a simple hand held sign. Passion is one thing. Rage is another. There have been threats made against the President, a congressman was spat upon, another harrassed because of his sexuality, violence has been suggested as a way of dealing with the Speaker of the House -- all over a health bill. I don't recall such demonstrations and verbage when another president falsely involved us in a war far more costly than this health bill. There wasn't such an effort to halt the work of Congress when the Republicans were in the majority. Our nation has lost; lost economically, lost in respect of other countries, lost in respect of our own citizens. I fear we are on the brink of "taking it to the streets" as a song from an earlier unsettled time suggested. "If I don't get my way and taking the ball and going home" is a childish position being taken by a party of obstructionists. When are the people going to say ENOUGH?

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