Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well we've begun! Sunday we started our month-long Capital Campaign to remodel our facility. Some thing we are doing so to attract new people. Some thing we are doing so to help our building serve us better in our ministries. I think we are doing so for both reasons -- not an either/or kind of thing. It is so important that we get our message out that there are those who understand the gospel in terms of tolerance for others, who are welcoming, see the Story as one of freedom and not bondage, who seek peace and justice, who honor diversity and THINK! Would those who are reading this please help us by telling your friends there are such congregations -- such churches DO exist? Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas TX is one example. On another note, I've learned that folks are having a hard time commenting on my posts. I'm working on correcting that but in the meantime please feel free to contact me at my email address Blessings, Terry

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  1. This is a wonderful church and the changes that are on thier way are going to impact so many people on so many wonderful and exciting levels. Yes, we will reach more people. People who have learned, unfortunetly, that because they live differently than most, they are worth less. Thats not our church! We will reach people who need to know that God loves them, as they are, where they are. As we reach these people, yes, more people will come. As more people come, we will be able to offer them more, and that is saying alot. Let the changes happen as God intends. Midway Hills is called to be a Open and Affirming congregation, to Promote Social Justice...And we do, and we will, with Gods help