Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The following information comes from the American Friends Service Committee:

"Our governments spends $1 million a year per soldier to wage the war in Afghanistan. We have 78,430 soldiers there, and the total war bill is $72,300,000,000!"

The AFSC goes on to note other ways that $1,000,000 / soldier could be spent if available.

Renewable energy for 127,964,602 homes
Healthcare for 588 children
Salaries for 17 school teachers
Head Start for 132 children
School lunch for 1,602
Healthcare for 227 adults
Four-year Pell grants for 48 college students
Affordable homes for 9 families."

As you can easily see, wars come at an extremely high cost and this doesn't include things you can't hang a dollar sign in front of such as deaths, injuries,disabilities, disruption of families and careers and frequent mental and emotional problems that follow military service.

These statistics have nothing to do with patriotism nor the realization that there are terrorists in the world. But, I believe, they do reflect the necessity to find other ways of solving problems and conflict beyond the option of war.

Let the debate begin....


  1. We could spend that money on so many other things. Things that would build up, educate, comfort and bring awarness of lifes beauty. Schools could once again afford to have art, drama and science programs, teachers could be paid what they are worth...actually, we all could. If only that money actually went to the soldier and his family... And other costs would go down. Totally removing the grown up men and women who make the hard decision to put on a uniform and follow orders, think of the children who see what no child ever should. Children who live in fear of the next bomb, gunshot, or who run screaming from anyone in cami's. Think of the cost to the environment that chokes on the chemicles released, dust, erosion. Rivers are polluted, air defiled, and animals die. It is true that $1 million doesn't go as far as it used to, but it sure could go farther than it is right now being used on a war that we didn't set out to win, can't loose, and don't want to be in.

  2. I am very sad (past angry) about the choices made 9 years ago that created and promoted the perceived need to use resources and human lives this way. May the current administration and leaders succeed in promoting the healing process so that wisdom (not fear) prevails; and may all learn from our mistakes!

  3. In April, 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that burning a cross is illegal because it is inciteful, and intends to intimidate and terrorize. Wouldn't this pastor's actions fall into the same "hate speech" category? It is hard for me to understand why so many people condemn an entire group/religion because of the acts of a few radicals. Yet, because of this pastor, the Muslims will now have a chance to think the same thing of all Christians. Tit for tat, I guess. I, for one, am praying for this sad guy to see the light.