Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thy Rod and That Staff

Perhaps the best known passage of scripture comes from the Psalms: Psalm 23. It describes a pastoral scene – green pastures, still waters – where peace dominates. Within those verses, I want to lift up this week a few particular phrases in tribute of some very, very special people:
…thy rod and that staff – they comfort me…

I am truly blessed to work with a remarkable staff! In alphabetical order, Amber Churchill, David Hammons, Barbie Lund and Greg Nunn go beyond the usual expectations of just being “employees.” Each bring special skills to their agreed upon tasks.

Amber, who has been with us the shortest time, amazes us with her mature faith and relaxed grace as worship leader. Her relationship with our youth and children is already solid and rooted in respect for them as individuals. Her positive and helpful attitude is much appreciated by co-workers and congregation alike.

David Hammons is a “return” presence in the church office. As administrative assistant he is the front line, first contact and impression that week-day guests have with us. He edits and publishes the Echo, Sunday bulletin and manages the website and does his best to keep me organized and aware. David is a true asset!

Barbie is our bookkeeper; accurate, great with detail, personable but a real curmudgeon when she needs to be to keep us accountable in financial matters. Many times she fills in for David on Wednesdays as the one who receives guests.

Greg Nunn, our Music Director, does so many things most of you never know about. He has a real heart of Midway Hills and goes way beyond his music responsibilities in a committed and dedicated member of our church family. Besides, I get a kick out of telling people outside our worshiping community that our Music Director is a son of a Nunn! As is the case in almost every church where I have served, the support staff is never compensated to the level their skills. Your support staff here knows that but their love for you and your mission and ministries takes precedence over their personal gain; something to think about as we look to the future budgets. I understand that we do what we believe we can do but there are a couple of things we might be more intentional about. Keep Amber, David, Barbie and Greg in your prayers and offer them a word of genuine appreciation once in a while!


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