Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Was Just Thinking...

…actually I wasn’t thinking at all, so this could be very short! Sometimes it is good not to think. Sometimes I over think and move from concern to being troubled to worrying then on to fretting and once in a while end up in a panic!

When I do this is the result is, I say something I regret or make an impulsive decision. Definitely, I don’t exercise my best judgment. One of my best friends told me that when he turned fifty he realized all this was true about himself too and he started making it a practice to wait until his emotions -- from over-thinking things -- would subside. I believe this is pretty good advice, at least for a guy like me who feels a lot of passion about things.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling passion; as a matter of fact it can be a very powerful gift. Strong feelings are motivating, often lead to otherwise dormant creativity and have been known to make way for a lot of positive problem solving. Of course they can be destructive, counter productive and downright disastrous! So I guess I need to better monitor my passions so they help rather than hinder.

Whoa! I don’t want to over-think this!


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