Thursday, November 15, 2012


I Was Just Thinking ... about tomorrow. (Somewhere, Fleetwood Mac smiles.) We are to not stop thinking about tomorrow by their injunction. The Beatles remind us that tomorrow never knows, but it may rain, so they’ll follow the sun. Annie counters them, assuring us that the sun will come out tomorrow. Tori Amos claims tomorrow never dies, Elvis wants to get married tomorrow (but it’s always today), and Carole King (fine, the Shirelles) pessimistically ask if they’ll be loved tomorrow. Sinatra suggests we just forget about it, Pat Benatar is looking forward to it (she’ll be living the good life, then), and Eagle Eye Cherry will be gone at that point, so save tonight.

Tomorrow is, by definition, not now but not yet. It is like the horizon—more of a concept than a destination—and it is a word of hope. If there’s a tomorrow, today is not the end. And if today is not the end, it means what we do strongly matters for tomorrow.

Three things are happening this Sunday. The first is that in worship we will be calling everyone to turn in their pledges for our 2013 year, and celebrating that God has called all of us to give ourselves away. If you have not turned in a pledge card, please look for one in the mail this week; if you have turned in a pledge card, thank you very much. The second big happening on Sunday is our Thanks(for)Giving dinner, beginning at 5:00 p.m. We will eat, we will fellowship, I will talk for no more than 15 minutes about what’s coming down the pike, and we’ll have an open town hall forum so every voice can be heard. Please bring a side dish and join us for the dinner. If you can’t make it, this space next week will have a summary of what’s said at the dinner—I want you to stay informed! Finally, the third thing happening Sunday is this: we are moving into tomorrow. There are tomorrows ahead of us. Let’s start moving forward on all this fantastic momentum.

And just so you know, Friday and Saturday I will be at Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat Center in Brownwood, Texas, keynoting the Central Area’s Fall Rally. If you have a care concern or situation, please contact your elder. I am accessible via phone, of course, as well. I will be back, bright and chipper, on Sunday morning, and I hope to see you then, too.

Shalom y’all,


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