Thursday, February 7, 2013

Postcards from the Edge

Are you an Artist? 

Do you paint, draw, sculpt, or otherwise create visual art? And would you be willing to do so in worship and within an hour? If you have answered yes to at least the first question, please drop Arthur a line at  Many thanks! 

[I’m so done with ‘I Was Just Thinking…’ I would like to rename my article ‘Postcards from the Edge’] 

The theme of this week is rearrangement.  I can just feel it. 

On Monday, with the help (and surprising brute strength) of Amber, I rearranged my office. I really like it—the chair I nicked from the former library has its own space now, there’s room for a marker board, there is a flow.  In getting ready for the Chi Rho (middle school) Mid-Winter this weekend, the leadership team and I have taken apart the schedule of how we normally do things and have intentionally reordered some things, and even let some things go. It’s going to be incredible, and while I definitely wish I could be there with you all for worship this weekend, I absolutely love working in area youth ministry and I am very thankful this congregation is supportive of that passion. 

Even within the church, rearrangements are happening. The new elder groups were given out a couple weeks ago, and your elder will be in contact with you by the end of this month. IF you are dying to know who is going to be walking in faith with you this year, the lists will be posted Sunday as well. We installed new deacons, elders and leadership; we reaffirmed returning elders, deacons and leadership, and we’re getting ready to see what this new configuration does as we see what the new configuration of God’s Reign in this old world is doing.  And it’s an exciting time. 

Speaking of exciting times, Lent is coming in just a week! Lent, of course, is the season of preparation and restoration before the biggest celebration in the church, Easter. The order of worship might be a little rearranged, but hopefully, so too will we as we prepare for the promise of resurrection. But I’m saying too much! No spoilers, no previews—not till Wednesday. 

I will be with you in spirit on Sunday as Angi Brown brings a powerful word and leads worship.  I look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Shalom y’all,  Arthur

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