Monday, December 30, 2013

Taking Aim at the New Year

I do actually try to make and keep New Year’s Resolutions. Every year for the past ten or so, I’ve either become more accustomed to listening for social cynicism, or I’ve surrounded myself with more of it (certainly not at MHCC), but I feel like more and more of a dope for doing so. It’s an every four month thing for me—I make a list in January, check it and revise in April, and then check in again around late August/early September. Perhaps I should call it self-inventory, but gracious, that seems egotistical (he says, writing a newsletter article about himself worrying about writing about himself).

All that aside, this week, I found my January list. I am pleased to announce that of the ten or so that weren’t completely insane, impossible or purposeful works in progress, I accomplished three this past year: I read 30 books, I saved some money, and made a few friends outside of the church workers circle I have been in for the last six or so years. So instead of eight new ones, I’m making five. Or ten. Or none. I have not decided yet. Finding a list and seeing how few could be crossed off disappointed me a little bit. However, looking at where I thought this year was going to go twelve months ago, and then seeing where it landed, makes me realize I can set goals, but not outcomes. I can choose paths, but not necessarily the results of the paths. I can aim to journey, but not promise myself the destination.

This is a short work week for me. But thanks to the wonders of working ahead and communicating (two of 2012’s resolutions, I might add), things are pretty much in line for this Sunday, and maybe even a couple after it. So I have had just a couple hours today, and maybe a couple more Tuesday, to start looking ahead at the next chapter of Midway Hills. Of course, I work in goals, paths and journeys, not outcomes, results and destinations. So heads up, incoming and continuing leadership! We’ll be mapping some things out, and soon. And everyone else—I look very forward to journeying down paths towards goals that are ever-fluid, ever-revisable, ever-changeable, ever-growable with you.

This Sunday, let’s start the New Year off together, shall we? I look forward to seeing you then.

Shalom y’all,


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