Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Like About You

Do you know what I like? Soup. I’m a huge fan of it, I cannot get enough of it, and even though I’m usually too impatient to make it from scratch, I will gladly eat someone else’s from-scratch soup, whatever it is, whenever it’s offered. I am excited for Wednesday night as we start the Soup/Service/Study nights during Lent, because of the pending soup dinners. There’s something incredible (and there’s probably a sermon in there, somewhere) about how soup pots always look less full than they are, and everyone can get enough.

Do you know what I like? Worship. (It’s a good thing I’m a pastor, then, right?) I like trying new things, I like resting comfortably in the old things. I like changing the order of worship, expanding my boundaries, and sometimes hiding under the liturgical blankets until the sunrise. (I’m mixing a lot of metaphors today, folks!) Worship is meant to be dynamic and challenging as we encounter the holy, and I’m looking very forward to what the Worship team has planned for the next six weeks: six different disciplines and ideas on six different nights. So please, plan to attend.

Do you know what I like? Bible Study. I do my personal devotions daily; I look forward to the Wednesday Bible Discussion Group each week; there’s nothing quite like examining texts that are thousands of years old and that have been poured over by billions of people and still finding the word of God in the Word of God (or is it the Word of God in the word of God?) present in the moment and community around it. I’m looking very forward to Living Waters, the Lenten Bible study coming up, and I’m looking forward to seeing what our very own Roger Wedell does with it. I hope you are, too.

Do you know what I like? Music. I’m a fan of jazz, obviously, but just about any music I can appreciate. (My iPod this morning went from Daft Punk to Peggy Lee to Mozart to The Trampps.) What I especially like are folks who share their gifts of music with everyone else, in the worship setting. Yes, I’m talking about you, choir. We’ve been advertising a lot for the other stuff happening on Wednesday nights, and to you folks who are constant in the life and ministry of this church, thanks very much!

Do you know what I like? That if I don’t see you Wednesday, I’ll hopefully see you Sunday. Until then!

Shalom y’all,


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