Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pointing to Easter

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

This is the question the men in dazzling white (angels? Fabulous dentists? The text is unclear…) ask the women who arrive at the tomb on Easter morning. In the literal middle of death and decay, they seek a dead Jesus who has died at the hands of power, and instead find a Risen Christ who is resurrected by the God of Love. It is a story worth repeating, it is certainly a story worth sharing, and it is a story worth telling in what we say, buy, act, believe, love, vote, and participate in the world. Death and power, tombs and petty tyrants cannot contain the love of God; and it is that love through which the world is saved.

That is Easter. That is why we do Easter. And that is why we see so many folks come in on Easter. And I hope we see you, too.

But before then, join in on the Holy Week festivities, please! Tonight at 6:30, we have our final soup/prayer/study night. It has been a very awesome thing to watch grow and become something of its own. Many folks have shared with me that they find meaning and value in the prayer services, enjoy the midweek fellowship and common meal, and are thinking harder and acting smarter in regards to water and its deep value. If you have done these services and would like to see them continue, let me know. It’s something we might launch in the fall, if people were up for it.

Thursday night — I cannot stress how different and cool Thursday night is going to be. As people of the Table, the Disciples like Maundy Thursday; this worship service, we really will be people of the Table. And if you’re invested in the 12 Disciples series, it’s finally time to hear from Judas Iscariot and how his discipleship can inform our own. Maundy Thursday begins at 7:00 p.m., and I hope we run out of bulletins, food and chairs. (Whoops! Didn’t want to give away the food part! D’oh!) On Friday, I will be up at the church, and anyone who would like to come in and pray between noon and three (the hours of Jesus’ time on the cross) is welcome to; the front door and sanctuary will be unlocked.

And finally, Saturday — read the articles in this very newsletter. It’s going to be crazy.

It all points us to Easter. Everything we do points us to Easter, right? I can’t wait to see you then. (And before!)

Shalom y’all,


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