Monday, April 5, 2010

FEELINGS RESURRECTED The following is also published in our church newsleter, THE ECHO. It is about a profound experience I had this Easter morning I mentioned in my Easter message that I had caught a bit of the movie “GODSPELL” as I was getting ready for church. I enjoyed the music, singing along with it, surprised at how many of the lyrics I remembered. Suddenly, I realized I was crying – a rather embarrassing truth for a man of my age. Why? Why was I crying? I really didn’t know at first. Soon I realized that, having had much of my character formed by events of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the flood gates were opened to all the feelings of those times and places. Those were very tense and intense years for people my age and, indeed, for most of the country. Those were days of war and assassinations and racial turmoil and doubt. But they were also days marked by abundant optimism and hope. The Christian Holy Week marks events that were also tense and intense. They too elicited violence, assassination, turmoil and doubt. And finally, optimism and hope. Easter. God is good! How good it is to have a time in which own spirits are reminded that even in the midst of all that would cast shadows on our optimism and hope, there is yet a source of light that makes those shadow pale in comparison! Our best can always be resurrected! There is new life even if death must come first! We need Easter. We need EasterS. We need those things in our world that speak to us of life so that we might be less intense and more intent upon sharing the optimism and hope we know through our faith. And if WE need Easter – those of us who profess faith – how much more so must those who are so full of doubt, whose lives are so overshadowed by violence, assassination, and turmoil need Easter? I guess I wept Easter morning because I recalled a time in my life when I was most alive. I felt it again at church. Easter does that. Christ has risen

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