Wednesday, June 2, 2010


1% of the population controls 46% of the wealth in this country. Many pay no or little income taxes. Most complain about paying any. Many make their fortunes on the backs of the middle class and in products that are environmentally hostile. Most think that's just fine. The Governor of Texas whines that the EPA is out to destroy the Texas encomony when what they are doing is trying to enforce restrictions imposed on everyone else. Gov. Goodhair doens't mind if his idea of the Texas ecomony destroys clean air and water for all of us. BP = oil spill = economic + environmental disaster. Need I say more? Are you ready to do something about it? If not, what will it take? Come on! Comment! I really want to know why we are ALL so complacent. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. We are fiddling around while creation is being abused until it dies. Got any fire in your bellies out there?

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  1. I wonder if people arnen't afraid to feel fire in the belly anymore. That fire doesn't just die out with Pepto or Tums. That type of fire requires that steps are taken, movements made and that one participates. That, my friends, takes courage, passion, and dedication. What if you can't do enough, be enough or tackle the big guys? And then, even scarier, what if you can? Oh, what if you can...
    Don't forget, the devil plays a pretty mean fiddle, but a good honest effort to effect change rocks!