Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Bright Future!

Sigh[selah]. Breathe deeply. Go on. Don't count on lazy, hazy, crazy days
this summer! Well, count on crazy days perhaps! The endless hours of
dreaming, discussion, designing and debating have resulted in a tangible
vision for our church's facility and the remainder of the summer will be
spent in preparing for the work of contractors who will be busy-beeing their way into a renewed entrance and worship space for MHCC!

Sweat Equity will be visible everywhere as well. Your physical strength and prowess will help us $ave a bundle in moving library books, nursery
furniture, painting and refreshing restrooms etc. Pews need to be removed
from our sanctuary and carpeting torn up. We'll be hearing lots more about
these endeavors from our Property Committee I am sure!

If you don't feel up to these physical challenges your prayers will be a
necessary and important contribution to the process. If you happen to stop
by with a cookie or a thermos of iced tea, I'm sure you won't have a problem getting rid of them!

In other words, there is a piece of the action for everybody!

There is no way to thank those who served on the Visioning Team, Dream Team, Building Renovation Team, Marketing Team and Capital Campaign Team that is satisfactory for all they have done to get us to this moment in our church life!

We have been a strong community. We remain strong. The future promises to
be even stronger for us! Let us praise our God, giving thanks for the
blessings that continue...


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  1. Terry, I am so excited for you and your congregation! You are all doing such good work...and your future looks even rosier! Can't wait to visit Midway Hills again. With love, Sis-in-Law Nancy