Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Special Community

Cindy and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary last week. Yes. I know. She deserves a medal if not sainthood! Anniversaries are interesting events, whether they be birthday anniversaries or, sadly, the anniversary of a great loss. They serve as reminders of special times, people and, even over time and distance, rekindle the sense of "presence" of those times and people in our lives.

Holidays do the same. July 4th reminds us of the struggle so many had in birthing our nation. Labor day celebrates our works that keep our nation going. Veterans Day restores our appreciation for sacrifices made our behalf by men and women of extreme courage. Thanksgiving stirs the spirit of gratitude within us. Christmas lifts up hope, peace, love and joy in ssacred and secular ways. New Years causes bitter/sweet reflection. Ground Hog Day makes us yearn for an early spring. Valentine's Day reveals our need to love and be loved. Easter. Easter is all about God's love, new life, new growth and the possibilities of positive change within us.

But EVERY SUNDAY we are given the opportunity to remember that we are more than flesh and blood, we are connected to one another, we share with the Divine and we are a special community called by God to give life to the love God has given to us. Sometimes, we forget that. Sometimes our relationship with God, with one another, with this community is like the ocean; restless, ebbing and flowing, at one moment tranquil and the next a bit tempestuous. Miraculously, Divine Love brings us back to that body of Living Water.

Living Water heals our brokenness, soothes our anxieties, calms our fears. Each of us has the potential to be a cup of Living Water for the other just as each of us has the potential to be other!

We take our turn. The Water is always there. Drink deeply. See you in worship Sunday!


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