Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Signs of Progressive Thought

I am proud to claim that I am a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)! Last week's General Assembly illustrated the truth of humanity's spiritual evolution! The messages I heard were evidence that people's understandings do change. Those messages were all about change and healing and growth in things we here MHCC value most. There were signs of a real desire by the gathered body to be more inclusive, do just and honor diversity.

Issues of acceptance of all God's people were affirmed in almost every business session and worship experience. Bullying, human trafficking, advocacy for people in the Congo, moral injury and spiritual care in a time of war, anti-Muslim actions/rhetoric, justice in education were topics for discussion and of resolutions adopted by delegates.

We celebrated the start of hundreds of new churches since the last Assembly
and reelected Sharon Watkins as General Minister and President by an overwhelming vote.

In the dozens of General Assemblies if have attended in the past, I have never seen such a strong youth presence as in this one! Our attending youth, Baxter, Mia and Hunter Johnson, absorbed everything they experienced like thirsty sponges. According to their grandmother, they still haven't stopped talking about the event!

Worship services provided a wider variety of music styles; everything from country (we were in Nashville, remember) to jazz to old time hymns to contemporary Christian and classical. Speakers - Sharon Watkins, Fred Craddock, Holly McKissick, Mel White, Marion Wright Edelman - offered differing world views and preaching styles but all with great power.

We were kept busy with those worship and business sessions and with exploring the vendors and Church agency exhibits that filled two large areas of the convention hall. Meeting friends old and new rounded out our time in "Country Music City" with not much time to explore Nashville itself.

When I was asked which Dallas Church I serve there was always a big "Oh, that's a wonderful congregation!" from those doing the asking. My MHCC red t-shirt was a big hit with many strangers commenting on it.

Those attending from our congregation included; Kathy Bouchard, Amber Churchill, David Freudiger, DeAnna Golsan, Baxter and Mia and Hunter Johnson, Elaine and Don Manworren and Cindy and I.

All in all, despite the Texas-high heat and humidity that traveled with us, it was a grand experience!


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