Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Are Now Entering the Banter Zone

[Please read Genesis 17:15-22]

“Terry, this isn’t HGTV!” That’s the response I’ve been getting from Patrick, the project supervisor, every morning when I arrive at church. Of course that’s after my every-morning question to him, “Aren’t you guys done yet?”

Needless to say, I’m just ribbing him about getting the renovation done quickly. And you must know that Patrick’s response to me is his way of reminding me “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither are sanctuaries. Still, it would be nice if the work could have been completed in 30-60 minutes just like “The Property Brothers” do! I confess the sin of impatience!

And I also confess the sin of loving to banter! You have probably already realized this particular fault of mine. There are times when Cindy and I go out to eat that she reminds me I’m having dinner with her and not the server. The truth is I love meeting people and getting to know them. Not everyone appreciates that; I’m not talking about Cindy, I’m talking about the person on the other end of the bantering. This is rare, but it does happen.

Most of the time the other persons seems pleased I’m interested in them as a person and not just a functionary. I’ll find out where they are from, if they are a student, where else they have lived. Sometimes I get around to religion and occasionally I end up inviting them to church.

If the restaurant is one we frequent they eventually find out things about me, recognize me and if I order the same item a couple of times, regard it as my “regular.” One place in the church’s neighborhood doesn’t even bring me a menu anymore! I like that. I like feeling welcomed and known. I like being greeted with a smile. I do love the bantering!

For those of you who read the suggested scripture, Abraham must have though God was teasing him. Yet, he enjoyed it! Fell on his face laughing with God! Named his son after it! Later, Sarah giggled and was hesitant to admit it. It was witness to the joy she felt.

I see teasing as a way of saying “I’m enjoying this time with you.” So if I tease you, know it is because I like you.

Oh! And the building renovations are being completed more quickly than I ever imagined.


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