Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peace: the New Normal

How fast 2011 has gone! But I think that every year"s end. Is time speeding up or is it just my age? We've seen tragedies and miracles all over the world in 2011; meanness and compassion too. All of it is fresh in our minds and we tend to think it abnormal.

It is not. It is life.

So much of what happens to the world, to our country, our community, our congregation and our family is the result human action/inaction. A man I greatly admire has said more than once, “Most of our problems are caused by human beings. Most of our problems can be solved by human beings.” To this I would add, “IF we are Divinely inspired.”

For the most part, if communities would follow the guiding principles of their culture"s dominant religion, amazing and incredible miracles could happen! We have the power to create a New Normal!

Can you imagine countries putting peer pressure on one another to be more ethical, compassionate, honest, peace-seeking and justice-loving? Now that's a trickle down policy I could support!

One thing I learned from my Human Rights Campaign experiences is that the way to achieve change is to start at the bottom and work your way up. Huge changes in political parties' philosophy were begun through elections to positions on school boards and county commissioners - elections that are not considered by many to be of high importance.

So that sappy hymn I love so well just might hold a key to open the door to that New Normal. “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin with Me!”

Hope, Peace, Love and Joy to you and “Happy New Year!”


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