Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting to be inspired


…to be inspired!

What inspires you?! If asked, I think many people would give answers that would include words like sunsets, the ocean, other things that might be suited to the genre, “nature.” Perhaps I"d get responses such as strength, courage or beauty. Another level of inspiration might be reflected in the words prowess, intelligence, and integrity.

As I'm sitting here waiting for it, I think I'd say - were someone to ask me what inspires me - my reply would be people. More precisely, I'm inspired by people who make a positive difference. Many of my other anticipated responses, as listed above, could be used to describe people who make a positive difference. They tend to be folks who have skills, intelligence, integrity, strength, courage and an appreciation for beauty and nature.

What's more, people who make a positive difference are more likely to see these qualities in the world around them, especially in other people. They are confident, tolerant, determined, optimistic, compassionate and understand their connection to others.

Still waiting, in re-reading what I have written, I am suspecting I'm describing the One whose name I claim. (No, not captain Terry Lee from
the WWII comic strip, Terry and the Pirates.) The attributes I have listed as belonging to a person who made a positive difference certainly fit my heart's portrait of Christ. Since I have chosen the path for my life that I have, that's pretty darn affirming!

I realize, too, that I am inspired by those in whom I have seen the Christ Spirit. Not all of them would call themselves Christians, but that same Spirit shines in them all the same.

Well, it looks as though I've been inspired enough to finish this column. I doubt it has the effect to make a positive difference to anyone. But who knows? Stranger things have happened!


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