Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am just getting this off my chest…

Perhaps a better title for my column this week might be “I am just getting this off my chest…” I like living in Dallas. Yes, the humidity gets to be unbearable sometimes. Yes, the traffic is awful. But all in all, we live in a beautiful city with much to offer from the arts to restaurants and cultural activities.

There are, however, a couple of things that bother me. I wish there was more support of public education throughout the metro area. Could we be more reasonable about the size of houses? I moved here from the leanest city in the USA. Can we work on that? And then there’s the politics, which I am not about to stir up two weeks before I make my exit (or should I say stir it up even more?)!

However (there’s that word again) why are folks too passionately anti-gun control? We read in the DMN every day without fail about several shootings that happened somewhere in the area in the past 24 hours; police shooting suspects, suspects shooting police officers, murders, murder/suicide and numerous “accidental” deaths as a result of messing around with a weapon thought to be empty.

Concealed weapons can be carried just about anywhere with a permit – even church. I just wonder how many people don’t bother to get those permits though. Now I understand, there are soon to be shooting ranges where kids can come for birthday parties etc. No kidding! It blows my mind.

I understand about Texas’ rugged past and traditions. There was a period in the state/territory history during which carrying a gun was prudent. But I’d like to think the situation has gotten a bit more civilized. Folks, we’re talking here about gun CONTROL, not doing away with guns; only limiting the type of weapons legally available (Automatics? Semi-automatics? Necessary? Really?); not shutting off access to hunting rifles etc.

One of our Mennonite friends was overheard Sunday saying he would like to be a policeman but his faith prevents him from doing those things which might put him in the position of taking another human life. Obviously, I’m not a Mennonite, but I have the same convictions. I believe the One whose teachings I profess did, too.

We all have to weigh such moral decisions for ourselves. But I just had to get this off my chest and tell you what I’m thinking.


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