Tuesday, June 19, 2012

He's My Kinda Guy!

He was my kind of guy!

Cindy and I were doing some grocery shopping the other evening and were about to get in the check-out line. She got there first and I was trailing behind as usual. Before I could get there, a young man who was talking on his cell phone and got right behind Cindy.

I smiled, waving whatever I had in my hand, and said, “I’m with her too!” With no hesitation he motioned me to step in front of him, returning my smile with an even bigger one. “I don’t want to separate you two!” he offered which apparently confused the person on the other end of his call.

“No, Mom,” he continued, “I wasn’t talking to you.” Mom must have been inquisitive and needed many more details. He told her that the couple ahead of him in line are on a “grocery date.” He explained to her that young people (like us?) often met while shopping. He said that it was a great way to get acquainted; couples could see what the other liked in the way of food and learn something they might have in common. The one who might invite the other home for a meal would be able to purchase things pleasing to their “date.” The expense of dinner and a movie would be spared if things didn’t work out – big deal. On and on he went with the rationale of a so-called “grocery date” which I’m sure he made up on the spot! His grin gave him away.

Cindy said to me, “I think you’ve met your match! You’ve been ‘out-Terry-ed!’” She was right. Now I have some new strategies and avenues for use of my extreme extrovert tendencies! He was an ingenious role-model for me. I’m sure as Cindy is reading this, she is trembling with fear as to what I might do with this wonderful gift a complete stranger gave me while waiting in line at Tom Thumb!

I wonder if young man’s mother ever caught on….

Here is yet another example of how easily we can make life a little more interesting, and perhaps fun, for someone we have yet to meet and will never see again. Just think of what we can bring to the lives of those we love and see every day if we just relax and enjoy this great gift of life we have been given!!!

Love and blessings,

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