Thursday, July 5, 2012

God Is Always Faithful

I was just thinking. . .and remembered one day last week when the Sun and I rose around the same time that morning. I was the first up and I stood and watched as the Sun began to peek over the new morning horizon. As I watched, the Sun continued its majestic ascension in all its glowing orange brilliance. It was an awesome sight.

Watching the rising Sun, I was reminded that it wasn't the Sun that was moving but Mother Earth; that she was rotating East and we were flying through space. I felt like I was on a huge ball racing toward the horizon. And then I became aware of the wonder of it all.

All of my life, and yours, and the billions before us, have ridden this tiny ball we call Earth without a thought for our safety. Because of the way our Creator put the Sun, Earth and Moon in tandem, we have never had to worry about flying off into space, or being so weighed down by gravity that we couldn't move. What an awesome reminder of God's faithfulness to us.

As the Earth continued its journey into the morning, words from the psalmist surfaced, "Let the heavens praise your wonders, O Loving Creator, your faithfulness with those who have answered Your call!" (Psalm 89:5). Because of God's genius and love, we are always secure in God and never have to be concerned about flying off into the wild blue yonder.

Yet I wonder just how much of all this translates into our daily lives? Here we are doing this awesome thing of flying through space safely in God but are so often afraid to trust God with some of our deepest worries and concerns. While we celebrate the good things in our lives, when it comes to solving life's problems, who is it that we really trust to help us do the right thing(s) or make the right decision(s)? Usually we turn first to ourselves because think we have to solve the problem or issue. We forget that our finite minds are nothing more than finite. We definitely cannot see the big picture that God sees and can lead us through. Compared to the fact that we whiz through space moment after moment, what do we have to be afraid of about God? Why do we so often trust ourselves more than the One who loves us unconditionally? The One who has repeatedly stated that, if we turn our minds and hearts to Him/Her in surrender, let go of the situation, that Divine Help will come and the situation made right for us. What's not to trust about a loving Creator God? Like the Sun, God is always present come rain, shine, dark clouds or storms. God is always faithful to us no matter how precarious our situation in this world. May God be praised with a chorus of alleluias!

Meg Gloger

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