Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love, Blessings & Gratitude

Yʼall made me feel just like Sally Fields. “You like me, you like me! You really like me!” Sunday was a bitter sweet day, but the sweet was nectar to my heart and soul.

Thank you so much for the lovely reception, the memories, the kind words. Having mention and representation from most of the congregations I have served over my 38 year ministry was special. And I wasn't surprised that the shortness of my morning message received such a positive response ☺!

Your praise of my wife, Cindy, was most appreciated. She has been my counselor, friend and guide…plus a few other things…for 42 years; at first an uncertain participant but the heart of my ministry and my life completely, positively, creatively, lovingly, genuinely and unselfishly. I love her so.

It wasn't until rather late Sunday night that we opened our “treasure chest.” WOW! Your generosity is overwhelming (still donʼt know what “whelmed” must be and mean!) Bon Voyage, indeed!!! Weʼll let you know where we will have our next adventure.

The Honored Minister pin is something I shall treasure the rest of my life. Please know it has been my greatest honor to be your pastor.

There are several special thanks Iʼd like to make:

• To the reception committee: Kathy Corporon, Jack and Mary Ann Viola, Linda
Wassenich (with help from Martha and Trisha Johnson, Elaine Manworren)

• The Leslie Family for audio, scrapbook and other assistance

•Those who spoke: Barbara Harrison , Cindy Zimmerman , Jason Zimmerman, Tom Peck,
Rev. Jennifer Schooley Wilson, David Freudiger, Greg Nunn, and MC, Gary

•To all of you for your cards, letters, notes, kind words and contribution to “the” gift

•To my beloved staff: Amber, Barbie, David and Greg who tried their best to keep me out of trouble, my tail covered, and were more like family than colleagues. Take care of them and never let them go!!!

•To those who served as Chair of the Board during my tenure: Bill Barnes, David Freudiger, Kathy Bouchard, Roger Wedell and Martha Johnson

• To each and every one of you; you touched my life and heart in ways you will never know and I love you for it.

Keep being MHCC.

Love, blessings and a heart overflowing with gratitude,


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