Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time to Consider a New Calling to Serve?

On Sunday night, after a long and fruitful day, I got home, turned off my air conditioner and threw open all my windows and sliding doors. The cats were thrilled, as it gave them an experience that seemed brand new after a long and hot summer. I was thrilled, because Monday morning I woke up cold. There were some days in July that I thought I’d never be cold again. But under all of the covers (!!) I realized finally: it’s that time of the year again. Nominating Time.

You may be contacted in the near future to consider a calling to serve the church—as a deacon, who serve as hands and feet and help set-up, prepare and assist in worship; as an elder, who serve as spiritual shepherds and leaders in the church, providing care and hope; or as a board officer, who help the business and life of the church go forward. Watch the space around this article in the coming weeks to see job descriptions and maybe even a few quotes from folks who love to serve. (Hey, are you currently serving and want to give a quote? Drop me a line!)

Nominating Time also means Advent and Christmas are coming. And you know what Christmas means: Easter. And Easter of course points to summer. It’s a fast year in the church, and I am grateful for it, you and our work together. I will see you Sunday for worship and/or jazz vespers, surely.

Shalom y’all,


P.S. I quit smoking this week. I write this here for three reasons— one, I want to acknowledge yes, I used to smoke; two, I want you all to know so that I keep honest about things; and three, if I am uncharacteristically non-charming at some point in the next week and a half or so, I do ask your forgiveness in advance.

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