Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celebrating All (the) Saints

I once asked a very wise friend of mine what he’d like for Christmas, and with the saddest eyes I have ever seen free from tears, he said, “What to say to someone when they lose someone they love.” I was stunned into a meditative silence with Charlie at that point, and I’m sad to say that this year, again, I will not be giving him what he wants for Christmas. (Sorry, Charlie.) I have found as a pastor it’s helpful to say, “Can we pray?” and ask the Spirit’s comfort; to sit in communal and holy silence; to offer a shoulder on which to cry; but still, no, there may not be “the” “right” thing to say.

This Sunday, we gather for one of my favorite Sundays of the year, All Saints, when we observe that there are folks from our congregation and lives that have joined the Choir Eternal, and we celebrate their legacy, impact, relationship and love that we still hold dear. Instead of the traditional format of the service, we will gather, pray, hear some scripture, and spend time in various stations set up throughout the sanctuary for a large part of the service. My prayer for this Sunday is that all who come find healing, comfort and community as we together mourn and celebrate, and hear the promises of resurrection, even on days of memorial.

I hope to see you all on Sunday. Shalom y’all,


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