Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Sing the Song of the Church

I have a confession to make: I never really listen to the radio. When I bought my lovely toaster car in late 2005, one of the major selling points was that it had an auxiliary jack for my iPod or phone or whatever. (Also, great curb appeal and incredible gas mileage.) So for almost seven years and nearly 200,000 miles, I’ve been cruising to my specific music. However, a few days ago, I did the unthinkable: I left my music player on the charger when I left for work.

So I listened to the radio for what feels like the first time down here. Do you know how many radio stations there are down here? A million! I put my radio on scan and, well, here’s the partial list: 88.1 (KNTU, jazz), 88.3 (KJRN, faith-based), 88.5 (KEOM, education!), 88.7 (KTCU, college), 89.1 (KQSX, classic rock), 89.3 (KNON, community), etc., etc. That’s a tiny, little bit of the FM band, seven minutes on scan as I drove down I-635. All of that available, boom!, right there, and it got me thinking: what are we broadcasting and how strong is our signal?

There are ten Disciples of Christ congregations within fifteen miles of Midway Hills, and they’re all pretty fantastic. We share a city block with three other churches, we are literally surrounded by a cloud of witnesses ranging from Orthodox and Catholic to Unitarian and Baha’i. And each congregation has a character, a story, a flavor; each congregation has a song. So really the question is this: What is our song that we are broadcasting, and how strong is our signal?

This Sunday, we start a three week journey to figure these questions out. We will be talking about where MHCC has been, where it is right now, and where it is being called to be in the future. We’ll be talking stewardship and giving, we’ll be talking dreams and hopes, and we will be talking about what is next. The Spirit of God has put a song in the heart of our congregation—let’s share it with the world. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, and shalom y’all!


P.S. In case you’re like me and you need days to figure this question out, start thinking now. What is your personal favorite song, and is it your theme song?

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