Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That Faith Thing

This Saturday, I’ll be the guest gourmand at the North Texas Area high school event thing in Richardson. I was asked to grill for them because I was seen grilling at camp this past summer. I was cooking at camp this past summer because I grilled the summer before—it’s a long story that doesn’t need to be printed here. But this Saturday, I’ll be making patties and cutting chips and seeing what happens. 

I love to cook, and I especially love to grill. Maybe it’s the primal simplicity of meat + fire = delicious, or maybe it’s because it’s very, very hard to mess up basic grilling, but there is something about it. But I’m wondering, as I plan the menu and get ready to shop, which path to take. Youth today are more used to processed meat-like burgers. Mine won huge acclaim at camp when it was pre-processed meat patty with some spices on it. So the question becomes, do I go for very simple, or a little complex—a dash of Worcestershire, some Dijon mustard in the mix—or super-complex: dice some onions, add some garlic, beat some eggs, etc? I don’t want to offend their palettes, rather meet them where they are; at the same time, tastes develop because they’re challenged, so there needs to be some room for growth. 

So maybe grilling is a faith thing, or rather, a good metaphor for it. We are a church in part because we want to meet each other where we are, and together celebrate the love and grace of God. I also think there is the underlying challenge to grow—to see where you’re at, and then see where God is calling you; to see where we’re at, and to see where God is calling us. Sometimes, I get hung up on the one, and sometimes on the other, but I strive always for both. I hope you feel equipped to strive for both, too.

We’ll continue to seek this on Sunday, as we keep looking at what’s been called Creationtide. The planet is in dire straits, surely — but there are ways we can make a difference and hopefully provoke change. I look forward to seeing you Sunday. 

Shalom y’all,  Arthur

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