Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aive and Thrumming!

The Elders may think I have too much coffee on Sunday mornings. (I do.) I noticed that they may have noticed that I get really antsy during our weekly meeting before service, but it’s not because of the meeting. It’s because the best hour of my week starts at 11 a.m. on Sundays. I am so thankful for this church, for this congregation, for this opportunity, and for you.

The Nominating Committee has had incredible success this year recruiting a slate of officers, elders and deacons (and a trustee!) to serve in 2014 onwards. We have had such energetic and thoughtful Yeses, and prayerful and discerning No’s, that I am so ready for the coming year. Operation Minty Fresh is going phenomenally, and I am sure it will continue to—and this is an outreach project that was a little improvised. Kathy Leslie has done an amazing job as Church in Society coordinator this year, and that our congregation has stepped up in donating toothbrushes and other implements of dental hygiene with such aplomb speaks to her coordination and our dedication to meeting needs as a community. There is buzz about the new Sunday School class starting, there are great things happening with our youth and children, and we have a nursery ready for all our little ones. Our Greeters team is growing—if you have yet to sign up and would like to serve, PLEASE DO (call the office)—and it’s not uncommon to see visitors hang out for awhile after service, talking with folks. There are two (!!!) Thanksgiving themed meals this week! We have had outstanding Elders lead our congregation this year, the Deacons (God bless you!) have dealt with me randomly switching up the order of worship too many times, and the Staff—OH WOW—each staff member has had the chance to talk about this year and next in performance evaluations and friends, let me tell you: we’re ready for something big.

We are doing something big by being a community focused on inclusion, justice and diversity. We’re alive, we’re thrumming, and we’re syncopating a world that stomps on the one and three beat. Friends, it is my honor to serve as your pastor, and I am thankful for it every single day.

This week, members and friends will be receiving a letter about our ongoing general fund drive, and an Estimate of Giving card for 2014. Please read the letter, please prayerfully consider the card, and please do both with my solid gratitude for your contributions, presence and being at Midway Hills. This year has been incredible. Next year will be incredibler—I don’t care that I made up a word—with you and your support. I look forward to seeing you Sunday, I really do.

Shalom y’all,


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