Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Potpourri of Postcards from the Edge

It’s a potpourri Postcards this time around!

1. See you at Youth Sunday! The youth of Midway Hills, under the direction of Amber, will be leading worship this Sunday morning. I am excited for this. It’s the first one I’m able to participate in—in fact, it’s the first one to happen since my tenure began here—and as I’ve heard great things about Youth Sundays past, I cannot wait for this one. I’ve also heard (only in passing) details about plans and participation, and it should be something new, engaging, interesting and worshipful. Please plan to be here Sunday morning to worship.

2. The Board Retreat this past weekend was an indisputable success. To all those who attended, prayed, planned, dreamed, conversed, argued, and ate, thank you. What has come out of the Board Retreat is a vision we’d like to share with the greater congregation, and also refine with the greater congregation. There are always steps we need to take forward, and hopefully we’ll all be on the same page. So let’s potluck, eat and talk, Sunday March 2. Plan on it! Start thinking on this question, please: “You know what would be an awesome ministry of MHCC? ____________________________”

3. Warning: Blatant social commentary ahead: I have no intention of watching the Winter Olympics. The Russian government is corrupt, and allows an open season on the persecution of the LGBTQ* population in the country. The very fact that the IOC is okay with this—and yes, not condemning it is approving of it—makes me very unwilling to give it a second thought after writing this article. It also has made me reconsider my willingness to purchase anything from the “official sponsors” of the Olympic games, because really? Were there not enough news stories on blatant and allowed acts of violence and murder for you, executives at Coke and McDonald’s?

4. I hope by the end of this month I can update you on our marriage action, bring forward a few new ministry ideas, and of course, help equip you and y’all to serve in the Reign of God. I am here if you need me… and even if you don’t. See you Sunday!

Shalom y’all,


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